Procrastination And Paperwork

Procrastination And Paperwork | Sorted Home Organizing Blog

When dealing with a mountain of junk mail and paper clutter, a streamlined approach is key to regaining control and keeping your workspace or home organized. Start by tackling the largest pile of papers, addressing the most significant source of clutter first. This makes the subsequent steps more manageable.

Go straight to the largest pile, get comfortable, and sort it into three categories: “file,” “take action,” and “shred.” As you go through each paper, decide whether it needs filing for future reference, requires immediate action (like paying a bill or responding to an important letter), or should be shredded to dispose of sensitive information securely. This will simplify the process before moving to the next step.

Paperwork can be daunting and surprisingly time-consuming. Give yourself credit for even starting, take breaks, and avoid decision fatigue. Before diving into the filing step, take a moment to strategically plan your filing system. Consider how your brain naturally organizes information and searches for specific documents. Trust your instincts when creating categories, avoiding rigid rules set by others. For example, if you keep files for your electricity bills, would you label it electric? Maybe it’s filed under the electric providers name? You might have a dedicated file drawer for Home, Personal and Professional. It really depends on you. You’re the one that has to use it!

This customization ensures your filing system aligns with your thought patterns, making it easier to locate documents quickly and efficiently, enhancing your ability to maintain an organized space that suits your unique way of thinking and referencing important documents. As you go, write a list of labels to make and print them all at once.

Skip the handwritten labels; they’re like trying to read hieroglyphics after a wild Bananagrams party. Invest in a label maker – it’ll give your files that crisp, “I’ve got my life together” look and save you from trying to decode your own secret chicken scratch language. So, go on, treat yourself to this little slice of organizational heaven and let your filing system shine with clarity and professionalism (minus the cryptic doodles).

Once you’ve set up a system, you’ll be breezing through the paperwork fiasco in no time.

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